It's all about social # | 10 Useful Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing
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10 Useful Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing


10 Useful Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social media may be teeming with hashtags now but its power cannot be underestimated. Its usefulness can be seen by how information is spread and how it aids online searches. It is for this reason that if you are marketing using social media, you should consider employing hashtags in your marketing strategy. The hashtag is not entirely fail-proof.

There are infamous cases on how hashtags can backfire, like what happened with the New York Police Department’s campaign to improve their image with #myNYPD. Instead of highlighting the NYPD in a positive light, Twitter users however used the tag to share incidences (and pictures) of police roughing up citizens.

However that’s nothing to worry about so long as you follow basic hashtag etiquette, and do enough research. Adhering to hashtag tips like keeping it short and testing them also helps to minimize the risk of your hashtag campaign failing. By using them strategically, you’ll be able to make hashtags work for you and your brand.




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