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4 Ways Marketers Can Use Facebook Hashtags

Have you started using Facebook hashtags for your business? Are you wondering how to best use a Facebook hashtag? In this article, I’ll reveal four important benefits of using hashtags on Facebook. I’ll also explore important considerations when putting together your hashtag strategy. Why Facebook Hashtags? As you’ve undoubtedly seen,...

8 Do’s and Don’t’s When Using Hashtags

You probably have never heard of Chris Messina, the man who changed the way we use Social Media. In 2007, with one simple tweet, Chris introduced a concept in to the Twitter lexicon – hashtags! The story of how the Google designer made the hashtag famous...


Twitter and Amex to let you pay with a hashtag

Twitter is getting into e-commerce. It's now possible to buy goods online in two steps by tweeting a special hashtag. The new collaboration between Twitter and American Express will turn the social media service into a shopping cart. American Express members who sign up will be...

New to Your TV Screen: Twitter Hashtags

What was the deal with this week's episode of Glee? And we're not talking about Will Schuester's questionable math skills or Holly Holiday's take on Adele. Nope, we were wondering about that bug at the bottom of the screen that read "#Glee" throughout the entire...